Medium is a strong and growing platform that is used by many writers and bloggers. You can actually see the rise in the number of medium users. But the platform has its own disadvantages. The lack of features and customizations makes people switch to WordPress websites. If you are also someone who wants to switch to WordPress, then here is the guide for you. 

    In this guide, we will discuss the migration of your website from Medium to WordPress in the simplest ways. This step-by-step guide will ensure that you understand the entire process easier. 

    Installing WordPress and doing the setup

    The first step towards migration is that you have to install WordPress. This is the beginning of the process. After installation, you will need to do the setup of the website. For that, you will need to select a web hosting and a domain name for your website. This will let you complete the setup and the starting of your WordPress website. 

    Export the content from Medium

    Your main asset from Medium is your data and the content. It is necessary to export that from medium so you can, later on, publish that to your WordPress website. You can also use some of the free tools which are available for making the process of exporting from medium to WordPress easier for you. You just have to log in to the scout and download the zip file then click on the button to export my medium. 

    Importing the data

    After you are done exporting the content and the data, it is now time that you also import it to your WordPress website. You have to first reach the admin area of your site, then find the tab for the tool and click on the bottom of the import page. When you scroll down by scrolling, you will see the install now tab click on it. Run the importer and select the file which you want to download, then click on upload and import. 

    Image importing from Medium

    After you have imported the article from the Medium to WordPress, you should now focus on importing the images from the medium too. There are times when your import of the images might fail because of the difference in the pattern and display type of images on medium. You have to first reach the media section, there you will find the library tab. Check all the images there and then install the auto-upload images plugin. Later activate it. Also activate the post of all the images. 


    If your medium had the URL as .com, then there is no chance that you can do the redirect. But in case it was a custom domain, then you can go forward. Find the URLs of the articles and make a list. Then set the redirect for them. You can also find many other ways in which people set the redirects of the articles from their medium stories. 

    WordPress Themes and Plugins

    If you know certain things about WordPress, then you might know that there are many options in WordPress for the themes and especially the free ones. But if you want to go for the premium ones as well, they have amazing options which also provide its users with some advanced features. Also, WordPress has many plugins for free as well. These WordPress plugins make your work easier. The free plugin is really effective, but if you want to go for anything specific, then you might want to go for premium ones to get more advanced tasks done.


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