If you own a WordPress website but still haven’t integrated it with your social media profile, then this is the sign for you to do it right now. Social media is very helpful and popular too. It can help you in achieving success faster. For anyone who is looking for ways to integrate their social media sites into the WordPress, then we have provided all the details in this blog for you:

    1. Social Media Buttons

    Social Media Buttons are a great way to design the themes. You can also use this on the customised screen too. It is simple and direct. You can get an idea of it with one of the example is Color Mag theme, which can get you through it. You will only need the URL of the social profile of your website. Then it will correspond with the social media button by itself only. It is very easy that you hard-code the button on your site. 

    2. Sharing Plugins

    It is obvious that you will be sharing your social media posts on the website as well. This helps in getting more traffic and visitors from those sites too. In this, you will provide the visitor with a button, which will give them the allowance so they can also share your post or move on their social media profiles too. You can easily find various plugins for this function. It is simple to find one which is free to use. 

    3. Copied Code

    You might know that social sites have codes which you can copy and paste on your WordPress site. This can be pasted anywhere on your website virtually. You can use it on any social media site. It will only take a few minutes to just copy the code and take it to a text widget, or page. For YouTube, ‌use the embed code for the website. After this, you will ‌connect the videos on your YouTube to the website. The process is simple and can be done by anyone. 

    4. Social Login Plugins

    It is seen that users trust those websites more which have the social login function. With these functions, the reports of accidents are also reduced. With this, they will have a simple way to register and even the number of registration will increase. It has become easier for the average user. This might have been observed by you as well when you entered a website and they have the option of Login with a Facebook button too. You can use the Social login plug-in with which it is possible to add the button of any social media site from Facebook to Instagram

    5. Profile Widgets

    Profile Widgets are available on the website where they will give you the features with which your visitor or user can see the social media profile as well as like or follow it at the same time. You can create a website with all the website and social profile details which can help in gaining more users and popularity. Some slips share all the details or all kinds of social media sites there because it tends to get crowded with this step. 

    Final thoughts

    We can see a hike in the popularity and usage of social media sites. This has also increased the functionality and significance too. With this hike, the plugins for social media have also increased. It can be difficult for some to find the right ones for them. But with this blog, you can find the right answers which are the right ways for you to integrate social media with WordPress websites. 


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