WordPress is a growing platform. Many websites are trying to migrate to WordPress because of its endless features and unlimited functionalities. Even though there are many other options, users are still believing that WordPress could be the best option for them. Wix is also one of those platforms which have many great features, but when compared to WordPress, it lags behind. 

    This is why we have created this blog for our readers who are using Wix but want to migrate to WordPress for obviously endless reasons. The process is easy and we have the depth for migrating Wix to WordPress for beginners. 

    Find the best web hosting

    The initial step for any website migration or forming a website is selecting a web hosting. It is the primary decision on which a lot of your website’s performance and speed are going to depend. There are many great options in the market for web hosting. But we would suggest you go for the services which have plans especially curated for WordPress. Check their uptime, speed, and performance to get better performance. Even check the plan’s cost and the upgrade cost too. 

    Find a theme customize as you want

    After you have decided which web hosting, you should choose for your new WordPress website, it is time that you also finalize the themes that you want. WordPress has its own rebuilt themes which you can use for free. There are premium WordPress themes as well if you are looking for some advanced options. When you decide which theme to apply, you should customize it as per the requirement. 

    Importing the content

    When you start importing content from Wix, it is necessary that you insert the feed.xml. on the website URL. You have to right-click on this file to save it in your system. After this, reach the pane and open tools, then import them on the run importer. Tap on the button, choose the file, and pick the URL. Later on, upload it. If you want to check if it is updated, then go for the all posts option through the post. Then we are left to move the pages to WordPress by entering the admin dashboard. Reach the option of pages and then click on add new. At last, tap the button to publish. 

    Check the website security

    After you have migrated the website to WordPress, you should now focus on the significant parts as well. There are many facts tic heck but first, you should work on the website security of your WordPress website. Most web hosting services provide wall protection and other features. But you should also make the right changes from your side as well to protect your data and information from the website. 

    Optimize SEO

    After doing all the hard work and migrating the website and making the necessary changes for the protection of the website, you can now come to the part which will make the performance of your website better, that is SEO. There are many ways in which you can apply the right methods for making your website SEO friendly. Start by applying the right organic ways. You should then work one step at a time and also use all the strategies like keyword research and making the website design better so it loads faster. Even paid ways of SEO strategies are very impactful and effective. If you haven’t heard about SEO techniques, then you should not go deeper and just start by optimizing your website and getting links from various websites. 


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