For many people, WordPress stays the forever chase for creating a website. But it is not valid anymore. There are plenty of other options, but today we will be discussing one of the options which have been compared with WordPress very often lately. But in this blog, we will be discussing Squarespace, which is considered a good alternative or a comparison by many people. 

    This simple and easy website builder has helped a lot of newbies in creating a website. But there’s still no doubt that WordPress still remains a great option because of its popularity and thousands and lakhs of users. If you are also someone who is looking for a comparison that will help you in understanding both of these web hosting or website building services, then here is the guide that you should read from. After reading the entire blog, you might know better about these two options and make a better decision.

    The race for choosing between the flexibility of creating the website of your choice or getting a simple process to create a website depends on you

    It is known to every kind of user of the web world that WordPress is known for its premium features and control over making the website. You can make many changes and flexibility in this service. But unlike this, Squarespace has a very simple and basic website builder. Even anyone new to this industry can easily create a website for this website. 

    The simplicity of the process is one of the advantages of this service. But at the same time, it is also a disadvantage. It is easy and simple because it does not have many options and can be done easily by simple steps but without much control. It can be a problem for many. Especially the pens who like to have control over their work and website. 

    On the other hand, WordPress provides full control over the website builder. You can create the website from scratch. It even has great themes and plugins which make your website better. So you can say that WordPress is not as user-friendly as Squarespace. But it is still not rocket science. 

    Which gives better data protection?

    On the matter of data protection, you do not need to even question the fact that Squarespace has the best data protection. You can enjoy your freedom without any worry or tension about your data and information about the website. But for WordPress, you would have to take regular care of your data and registration. You need to keep it updated to get better protection. 

    Website Building on these platforms?

    Creating a website on these platforms is very simple. As I have mentioned above, Squarespace handles all your affairs related to the website. It also secures your data and builds the website with no time and effort in front of you. You will just need to answer a few questions and voila, you have a website. Or WordPress as well. The process is not too difficult, but it requires inserting some of the technical information which helps in completing the process in a better way. 

    What should be your Final Choice?

    WordPress and Squarespace both have extraordinary features. It is not wrong to say that those can both be great options. But that thing will entirely depend on the kind of user and requirements. While most people will choose WordPress over Squarespace because of its high popularity and excellent features. There is still a chance that many newcomers or beginners prefer Squarespace solely because of this simple function. 

    But WordPress gives you more freedom in creating the kind of website that you need for yourself. You can think that Squarespace will make your task easier, but eventually when your website will grow then you might need more features and control over your website. WordPress has many great themes and plugins. Now it will depend on you which one will suit you better. 


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