Having a website comes with a lot of responsibilities and tasks. There is something to be done every day of your life. You cannot sit idle even for a moment. But one thing that every website owner has realised by now is the migration. Migration is a difficult task and needs to be done quite a few times if you are facing any problem with your current hosting company or are in the mood of trying out some new product. 

    Whatever the reason could be migration is the reality of the WordPress website. You will have to deal with it once, at least. And if you are lucky enough to know the process or have the experience of migration, then you know it will be easier for you. For the ones who don’t have any idea about migration, you might need a plugin that can help you in the process. This blogger will discuss a WordPress plugin that is designed especially for the migration of WordPress websites. 

    If you’re looking for a plugin for WordPress website migration, then this is the right blog where you have landed. Transferito is the migration plugin that we will be discussing in this blog. It is a great penguin for migration which is very popular among its users. Without wasting any further time in the below sections, you will be able to understand this plugin in detail. Let’s start:

    What is Transferito?

    Tranferito is a simple migration plugin for WordPress. You can use it for migrating your WordPress websites. It is a simple and quick plugin, which means it won’t even take a full 10 minutes to complete the task. It is used by many professionals because of its fast and right actions. The process is not daunting at all. You will only need to insert the required details that it asks for during the process and then sit back and enjoy your tea while the plugin does its work. You can even say that it is one of the simplest and easiest WordPress migration plugins for your website and you won’t even feel drained after the task, which is usually felt by people after migrating a whale website. 

    Features offered by Transferito

    There are many features that are offered by this amazing WordPress migration plugin. But the most significant reason is that it is a free WordPress migration plugin that offers free migration up to 1 GB, which is amazing for smaller websites. The dashboard of this plugin is very accessible and can be used by a newbie as well. The migration and this plugin won’t cause any downtime to your website. You won’t even require any kind of tool for importing the website or data file when you use this plugin. You can even bifurcate between the data or file you want to transfer and the ones which you don’t want to transfer. 

    Final Verdict

    After reading the entire blog, you can understand that using the Transferito plugin for migration is a pretty simple task. You won’t have to make much effort in this direction. It is a cakewalk for those who already know about migration a little. This makes the migration process very easy, but for the pens who are new and don’t know anything about migration, they can face a little issue due to the database process. Otherwise, it is simple. 

    The cloud-based server is helpful and even makes the manual migration process seem very simple. Overall, it is a great plugin and you should definitely give it a try it has both free and premium, versions so if you are below on budget go for the free version and if you have the right budget, then you should opt for the Transferito premium version


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