The USA has reported the highest rise in rental rates in recent times. It has hit the citizens like a pandemic wave because it is unbearable to take this rise for many people. As people are losing their job to this world crisis it is now time to cope with it with some betterment. But not with the Americans. 

    The effect of this rise has affected many people’s living conditions. The demand is rising constantly for the places to live and at the same rate, the price and the rental cost as well is increasing. The shortage of homes as well can be a reason. The choices for the living place are getting lower every day. It is causing issues like higher rent and giving an upper hand to the landlords. 

    The tenants are not getting the houses of their choice. They are left with limited options and yet they are in a situation to pay the price for that same place which is not of choice neither of their budget. 

    Reasons for the rise in the rental price

    There are many different reasons for the increase in the rise of the rental cost. It is not possible to track every single one of them. In this section, we have concluded some of the primary reasons that have been a reason to this situation – 

    Pandemic hitting people’s lives was definitely a big change in their lives. Due to the crisis, the offices were shut and people were forced to work from home. In this situation, many people took their interest in Workcation. It means working from a vacation destination. This used to give them a sense of relief. But later when vacation got expensive everyone had to get back to the city. At this stage, the pricing arose and created a critical situation for the citizens. 

    Buying a home was always a difficult and more expensive option. This is the reason why people took the path of renting a living place. During some past years and coming years, it is evident that millennials will be or around their thirties. This means that the urge to stay away from the family has increased and the demand eventually raised the price of the rentals. 

    Changes in the rental cost

    There have been drastic changes in the rental market cost of the living places and the numbers show for themselves. In June, the rise was observed to be around 8.1% which takes a big digon the tenants costing. In the previous month of May, it rose around 5.5% which was again a high jump when the market was already facing a rise of 7.5% for a couple of years now. 

    These high rates have influenced people to move away from the cities to the secluded areas. The metropolitan rates are touching the sky. They prefer settling down somewhere cheaper and more affordable. 

    Places like California, Tennessee, Florida, and Memphis which are all considered prime options for living as they are metropolitan options have also witnessed price rise. 

    But unlike these places, San Francisco has a different scenario. They have mostly IT field jobs which allow their workers to perform their tasks from home as well. This means that people are shifting to more exotic locations to stay while working and that has brought a slight decline in its rental price. 

    The rent for single and double-occupancy bedrooms has been increasing consistently. For some reason, the studio rents have also observed a hike in a long time now which shows the critical situation of demand.


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