WordPress is a popular website builder or hosting platform. Everyone who knows even the least about the web world has the absolute idea about WordPress. Many think that it is primarily used by bloggers. But that is not true because it is perfect for every type of website and business. You can own any kind of website or business and can freely pick WordPress. 

    WordPress is surely a popular platform but it is not that you don’t have any other option. You can find plenty of options apart from WordPress to which you can use for hosting your website. One of the many opinions that can make it to the list is Wix. It is a pretty new platform but it is very popular. The name is well spread and many already know about it. Due to its high popularity, we’re doing a comparison between WordPress and Wix. After this blog, you will be able to find out which one is a better choice for your business or simply starting your blogging site. Let’s begin:

    Factors for comparing Wix Vs WordPress

    There are many factors that can separate the selection of Wix and WordPress. They are two different platforms but are quite popular. Among many factors here are a few most significant ones that can help you in understanding which one could be your final choice. You shall not be able to make the decision based on just on facto. It entirely depends on which factor is more important to you.

    Ease of use

    Well, not everyone is tech-savvy and knows everything about web hosting or building. Some of us are new to this industry and need something more on the simpler side that they can learn easily. Wix is a friend for anyone who thinks like this, it is a simple platform that has the drag and drop feature which makes the task easiest. While WordPress is more of an experienced person thing. You need a little experience to get started with it. But it is not too difficult but the features are on the advanced side. 


    While cost cannot always be the deciding factor but can be an essential factor for many. Especially for the ones who are just starting out and are not willing to inst a lot since the start. The unlimited and the best plan from Wix starts at $12.5. On the other hand, WordPress plans start at $17 which is higher than the former one. 


    With WordPress, its user can perform endless customization. But it is not true with Wix. This can be a bummer for many. Considering or blogging for eCommerce platform WordPress seems to be a better option. When we come to integration then both have many plugins and apps that you can link or integrate to when needed. If you are building a website you will also need themes and layout. WordPress has both free and paid facilities for this. There are limited options in themes when it comes to Wix. 

    Parting Words

    As mentioned above both platforms have their own set of perks and drawbacks. You can go for Wix if you want something which is very easy and simple to learn. It is considered a user-friendly platform. But if you want something with more features and more promising then WordPress is definitely the right option. 
    Many users trust WordPress more than any other web hosting platform and for all good reasons. Looking at the features it is quite clear that none of the options can make it near to WordPress looking at the reputation and trust it has built over time.


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