Custom CSS is essential for your website. If you are looking for a blog that can help you in understanding and learning easy methods of adding custom CSS, then this is the right blog for you. In this blog, we have included the best and easiest methods to keep you away from scratching your head and thinking of learning to code for a simple process. Let’s start

    With the help of custom theme modification

    When you are adding the custom CSS to the WordPress website with theme modification, you will need a little knowledge of coding because we are going to use it. The method is simple and direct. You can easily find many plugins for WordPress which have sections pre-made on their dashboard which helps in customization. It is actually visible on the customize section of your WordPress website.

    The editing you will be making can also be checked during that time while doing the process. They also have primary-level style sheets that are basic and easier to use. You should not switch when you are using a customization plug-in because you can lose the changes that you have made. For the editing, you have to tap on the Customize section, which will take you to the additional CSS option. 

    After this, you will see the CSS editor. There are no restrictions and you can actually add the custom CSS files all you want. This process is done from the customizer area. This way, the process is simpler and easier. Even the changes can be seen during the time. 

    To make coding level changes

    With the name of the process, you might wonder that the process is difficult and requires a lot of knowledge of coding, but it is not at all true. In fact, Thai is one of the easiest and simplest methods to use for your website to add custom CSS. The previous method was not that difficult, but it is easier with fewer steps. This method does not even need any exceptional plugin to complete the task. 

    You can finish it with WordPress only. For starting the process, you have to go to the Appearance section on your WordPress dashboard. After that, you must pick the theme editor option. When you have chosen the option, you will be able to see the files which are related to the WordPress themes. This theme has to be the one you are using right now on your website. 

    This process is to confirm that you are not doing anything wrong with your website and actually keeping the correction and editing for the right files and themes to correctly edit and add the custom CSS. You should only select the file which you are willing to edit. This should be related to the elements which you want for the process of customization. Some of the times you can feel that the process is a lot more complicated than the previous one, but it is not like that. 

    Though there are still some disadvantages with this process. In case you have changed the theme of your custom CSS the. It is essential that you record it. It is because you don’t want to keep changing themes. The edited themes will not impact the other ones. To make it simpler, you can save the custom CSS themes somewhere. This will save you time and energy for repeating the coding process again and again. 

    To conclude

    Custom CSS only helps your website in getting better performance. Performance is one of the prime motives of many webmasters. You also get a little control over your website’s design. You might have understood that deep knowledge of coding is not required. You can do well by executing the process correctly. 


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