WordPress is growing in numbers every day. This shows the popularity of WordPress. But it also shows that the competition is also rising, and it is now more difficult to gain success in WordPress than it was earlier. You can find various websites of your niche which are doing good for a long time. So if you are new to WordPress, the efforts have to increase. Many websites are running campaigns and surveys to keep engaging with the audience. If you are also someone who runs contests and giveaways and is looking for some great WordPress plugins, then this is the blog for you:


    The number one plugin on our list for WordPress giveaway and content is RafflePress. This is one of the prime choices in the market for this task. If your website organized a contest, then this is the best choice for you because with it you will be able to organize the most viral contests for your audience. You can even easily integrate it with many of the email list builders for your website as well.


    One of the popular choices for many professionals is Gleam. The plugin especially syncs well and provides a simple process for WordPress users. You can create popular giveaways and marketing campaigns through this. Adding contests to your website through this is also very simple and easy. Even if you want to advertise your contest on Gleam, then it is the best choice because you can promote your contest on Gleam as well. 


    RaffleCopter is a multifunctional plugin that can work on all kinds of websites. But even for WordPress users, it can be your top choice. If you want to use this plugin, you can find it in the SaaS app. You can sync with email marketing or building tools too. It has a free plan, but it only provides a few features. The customization of the plugin and the contest is easy through this plugin. 

    Simple Giveaways

    Another great option on our list for the giveaway and contest plugins is Simple Giveaways. The name itself tells you the story that this plugin is simple and easy to work with. You can find the free version of this plugin as well. But they have some limited features to work with. If you want to go for better features, then switch to the premium. It also provides easy sync with social media platforms and email marketing plugins. 


    If you are looking for something which has a simple interface with the least complexities, then KingSumo is the right plugin for you. In this plugin, you can easily organize giveaways and referral-based marketing campaigns. If you are active on other social media platforms, then you will be at ease with KingSumo because it has a very easy sharing process. You can integrate it with most of the popular email marketing services, too. 

    WP Contest Creators

    Another giveaway plugin on our list, which is reliable and promising towards its features, is WP Contest Creators. The plugin is simple and yet provides many essential features for its users. It lets you integrate with significant email marketing services. It is also easy to integrate the pop-up social media platforms too. They also have a feature with which you can send mails to your users automatically without spending much effort or time. They also have many different options for the design of the giveaways and the contest. 

    To conclude

    No matter how many giveaways or contests you are organizing or how often you are organizing, it is always easy to manage it all with the contest and Giveaways plugin. All the options which we have listed are superb. But if you want to go for budget options, then some of the plugins also have free versions.


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