Managing an event is the hardest task one can do after hosting and managing a website. We all have seen, been to, and managed offline events. It is easy to assume how many thongs and factors are there to consider when it comes to these events. Offline events can be guaranteed and checked visually, but for online events, it becomes a little complex task. 

    Online events consider many thighs that a website owner will have to check. The promotion, creating the marketing strategies and posters for people to recognize the event. Many websites even organize regular webinar switches that are very difficult to manage if you don’t have the right idea. But not anymore. There are many penguins for events that are specially curated for WordPress, which you can use to manage events. In this blog, we will be discussing the WP Event Manager plugin. This is a free as well as premium plugin depending on the kind of usage and features you need. It is a famous plugin that has helped many professionals in organizing events and webinars. 

    Features available at WP Event Manager Plugin

    Below are the features which are available at the plugin even in the free version:

    • You can use the plugin to organize your event and its tags. 
    • It also lets you add custom fields in your event design and there is no restriction on the amount of customization. 
    • The events can also be managed easily with its organizers listing, and you can even add the venues to this. 


    Though the WP Event Manager plugin has many significant features in the free version. You would be more than satisfied by the features but if you are willing to pay additionally for the add-ons, then you can check these extra features which are available. They are great for a well-established business that also wants to monetize their event or make it more appealing. This makes the management easier. Let’s check out the add-ons:

    • You can monetize your event by selling its tickets with the help of the paid version. This feature is not available in the free version. 
    • You can get the knowledge of the people who would be attending your event, which makes the set-up easier. 
    • If you are at your event to be available with the location, then you can Google Maps for this. 
    • Many businesses or websites also want to publish their event on other platforms. With the paid version, you can promote it or publish it on the platforms too. 
    • Every time a new registration is done, you might also want to send an email. This you can easily do with the plugin’s premium version. It will also enable you to edit the template and design. 
    • If you want a digital print of your event and its listing and programs, then you will get a button on every page which will help you in doing so. 
    • You can even help your visitors to enter the page and bookmark the event. 

    Final Words

    WP Event Manager is a great event management plugin for WordPress. It is used by many professional sites. Managing an event can be a lot of hassle if you don’t have a good management plugin. Getting your hands on the WP Event Manager plugin, it is essential that you check all its features. With its free version, you can easily manage an event and promote it online. But it limits you to these activities only, but if you go for the paid version there are any add-ons that will make the plugin even more useful for you. You will be able to monetize your event by selling tickets or other ways.


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