Unlike the myth which makes the WordPress website a palace only for bloggers is not true at al. Though it is true that WordPress has many blogging sites or maybe more than any other hosting platform. But it is untrue that it is filled with only bloggers. There are various types of professionals and business owners who work on these websites. Many businesses or professions require you to have one on one sessions with your customers or users.

    Earlier, when people used to only have physical offices and appointments were fixed through the phone, it was not simple at all. It was time-consuming for both the user and the professional. But with a plugin for appointments, you can easily let your users book an appointment and get your service. It declutters many of your tasks and you can easily focus on preparing for that session. There are many factors that you should keep in mind while finding the best appointment booking plugin for your WordPress website like it should have a calendar that makes it easier to track your appointment. There are many features. Let’s see which plugin below has the most impressive –

    WooCommerce Bookings

    WooCommerce Bookings is the best plugin to go for when it comes to WordPress websites. Its booking plugin is very impressive. Mainly because this is an effective free version which provides the most essential features in it. They even give you a variety of extensions for accepting payments from your users and even fixing the price based on time and date.


    Bookly is one of the easiest and user-friendly plugins because you won’t require the knowledge of coding to set it up or use it. All of your visitors and users will get to see the instruction of payment, so don’t they find it difficult in any way. After the payment is done, you are provided with a built-in email and SMS service. 

    Booking Calendar

    If you’re looking for a plugin that has the most experience in this list, then you should go for the Booking Calendar. They have been in the industry for a long time and have not yet faced any downfall. They have free and premium versions. You can use this widget for placing the sidebars, which is simple and easy to do. 


    A plugin that is activated round the clock is the Amelia plugin. Its service is available all the time and also has a free version. Though if you want to upgrade, then you can happily go for the premium version as well. They have features with which you can easily integrate with the calendar. They also have SMS notifications for your users too. 

    Team Booking 

    Team Booking is a plugin that is super affordable. It is not available in the free version like many of the other plugins on this list but let’s be honest big websites and companies require the premium version. And this one is the cheapest on the list. They provide the best integration with maps. Google calendar and PayPal. 

    Parting words

    In this blog, we mentioned some of the best WordPress plugins for appointment booking for your WordPress websites. All the options are great but it will depend on the kind of requirement you have to make the final choice. You can find many of these options helpful because there is something for every kind of user. It is essential that you have an appointment plugin because it will not only make your task easier but it will make the process of booking an appointment simpler and less time-consuming for your users too. 


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