WordPress is the simplest option to host a website. You can be a beginner and you won’t find any difficulty in managing things. It is SEO friendly and does not take anything hard on the users. But you will always need website hosting which can make the experience of hosting a website on WordPress even better. There are a lot of options you can find for the users when you are talking about the option for WordPress hosting. From a specific WordPress plan, shared hosting or even the other kinds which are great for a bigger scale and growing website.

    One of the options which an established or a website growing at a faster pace, gaining more traffic every day should see is dedicated hosting. WordPress dedicated hosting comes with a lot of features and can be chosen by any kind of webmaster. It has plenty of features and functions which makes the experience for both the webmaster and the visitor on the website better. The performance of dedicated hosting is always better than any hosting type with better speed, easy and smooth navigation and almost no downtime. With all these amazing features one of the few things that make a user concerned about this option before opting for this option is the expenses. The plans of managed WordPress hosting are higher. 


    SiteGround is one of the best web hosting in WordPress hosting. It can be said to be the top dedicated WordPress hosting in the world because of its amazing performance and plans. They are now for their fasts ever and customer support which is available round the clock. Their plans and features are above the basic managed WordPress hosting plans. 

    WP Engine

    WP Engine is one of the most influential, and significant names in WordPress managed hosting. It has a robust server that keeps your website secure. You will get tremendous offers and add ons with its managed hosting plans. You will get fast servers and regular backups for your website. 


    If you are looking for an option that is experienced and old but still manages to be updated in all forms, then Bluehost is the best option. Bluehost managed WordPress hosting is recommended by WordPress itself. Bluehost is known for fast services and your website will never face any kind of downtime ever.

    Liquid Web

    Liquid Web has completed more than 2 decades in the web hosting industry. It has become the best choice for WordPress users when they want to opt for a managed WordPress hosting option. Web hosting is popularly known for its high-end customer support and fast server. It has high speed, great performance and regular and automatic updates.


    Another web hosting on our list has been here for more than 2 decades that is Dreamhost. They have an abundance of features, starting with the single-click installation of WordPress. They have many freebies and add ons, some with no restriction, which makes them actually a dream web host. They also provide automatic updates regularly.

    Final words

    All the options in this list are amazing and any user will benefit from the plans they offer for the WordPress dedicated hosting. You can still take your time to check for the features you essentially need for your website to make the experience even better. Dedicated hosting is definitely the best option for WordPress web hosting if you have a large scale website with high traffic. This will save your website from any downtime


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