WordPress has taken a new rise in this decade. The number of users is always increasing. Along with this, the variety of websites and businesses are also increasing. You don’t have to worry about finding a web hosting platform for that because WordPress has covered everything for you. You can now go for any kind of website, even e-commerce websites.

    During this time when the pandemic is at its peak, most businesses have decided to go online to keep the profits running. This is the best idea for any business right now. The system and processing of WordPress are very easy which makes many users go for this option. E-commerce stores are very popular right now. You can find that there is always a new option for you. Even small businesses are opening their own eCommerce stores to expand their business. This is not the most difficult task. You can start it on your own too. 

    But there are always some additional requirements for e-commerce stores. 

    For having a better and good WordPress e-commerce store you should install the right plugins. This helps you in the process. Though it is difficult to find one from the hundreds of options available. But with the right research, you can definitely get your hands on the best e-commerce plugin. In this blog, we will provide you with the best plugins for your WordPress e-commerce websites.


    On top of our list is WooCommerce. It is the most popular and trusted e-commerce WordPress plugin. WooCommerce is a user-friendly plugin that will not bother the newbies. They have a variety of payment options. Even the design of the plugin is right for anyone to use. You won’t even find any difficulty in using the WordPress theme. They are customizable as well as can be integrated with Google analytics. 

    WP E-commerce

    Another amazing plugin on our list is WP E-commerce. It has high popularity with more than 2 million users currently. They have ranked on top for a long time now making them a trusted option. They have many amazing features. Some of these features are drag and drop. It will make your experience with this Plugin better. On top of that, they have customizable HTML and CSS. It is SEO friendly and has free shipping options too.  


    If you like woocommerce then you are going to like Jigoshop as well. They have many similarities and features in common. They both are user-friendly and easy for newcomers. You can easily and quickly set up your website with the help of this plugin. It will let you set the currency and tax settings. This is a customizable plugin that also gives you many shipping methods. 


    If you want a fully customizable and dedicated WordPress plugin for an e-commerce site then Shopp can be a great option. They have many payment services that have high security which will save your store from any cyber attack or hacking. They have features related to images and discounts. It is easy to install the plugin and activate it for functionality. 


    If you are looking for a plugin that is super and can also be customized then one piece of advice could be Marketpress. They are a highly compatible plug-in that also has Google analytics and Ajax-based design. You can even internationalize with the help of this plugin. 

    To Conclude

    E-commerce stores are rising in number every day. Many people have brought their trust to these stores whether it is for opening one or buying from one. Pandemic has also given a push to its popularity. WordPress is a great platform for this. You can install the right plugins for the e-commerce stores and then you can see the difference to yourself. It is essential and is advised to new or old users. The above-mentioned plugins are some of the finest options that you can find. By finalizing your requirements you can pick the right one for you.


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