WordPress is a platform with a wide variety of choices and opportunities for its users. Everyone who is professionally involved in some kind of business or profession knows about linked. It is a fast-growing platform that helps in reaching customers, employers and other requirements for the business. It is difficult to overlook the benefits of signing these platforms for your business. It is giving immense results to the users. But to link and use it together with ease, you will need a WordPress plugin for LinkedIn. If you are in doubt about which plugin to choose, then this blog is for you. Here we have included some of the top choices of WordPress plugins for LinkedIn, which will help you in making the decision. 

    Social Warfare

    Special Warfare is a WordPress plugin for LinkedIn, which is created with the intention of making it useful for LinkedIn users. It is highly curated by experts in the field of social media and developers and marketers. The plugin is very lightweight, which makes the loading faster. You can even do the customization with it. 

    Easily Social Share Buttons for WordPress

    Social share buttons for WordPress is a great plugin famous for its features and the power it brings with itself. The plugin is super easy to use and can also be used on mobile phones because it supports access on mobile devices as well. And if you have other social media accounts as well then it is best to integrate. 

    FS Poster

    FS Poster is one of the best plugins on this list. It is highly recommended which can be judged by the number of users it has which goes beyond 5000. You can use this plugin for different social networks and can also provide automatic posting or republishing of posts. It gives better SEO results and an automatic function saves you time. 

    Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin

    The social auto poster is an amazing plugin for LinkedIn users. It is a free plugin,, so it makes a perfect final choice for beginners or budget users. It has many other social media platforms as well, which it supports. You can also use the plugin because it is SEO friendly and helps in reaching the relevant audience for your niche type. 

    WOOcommerce Social Login

    Woocommerce is a popular name in the WordPress world. It has many plugins and features which help the website. Its LinkedIn plugin is also rich in features. There is no obligation to use this plugin with woo commerce hosting. You can use it just for your website and LinkedIn. The plugin and its function is very clean and also has the documentation process easy, making your task simpler.

    Linkedin Master

    With the name itself, you can see that the plugin specialises its services and features related to LinkedIn. It is a free plugin and has the premium version as well for the ones who want to use the upgraded and more advanced features. Its free version is also very effective. The usage is also easy because it uses shortcodes. 

    Parting Thoughts

    After reading the entire blog, you might have understood that plugins for LinkedIn will help you in getting better results. Linkedin is a growing platform that has many professionals and users who are eager to use it for various purposes. It is basically a very professional platform, which means the chances of getting the conversion and benefits out of it is easier and reachable. The combination of WordPress and LinkedIn is auspicious and can, in turn, give great results. 


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