WordPress is a trusted platform for hosting any website. It is highly popular for hosting blogging sites for new bloggers. But it has taken its hands to e-commerce websites too. WordPress is a proficient option for any website owner. You can easily start any website on it. 

    Though it is not widely known for e-commerce websites, it still makes a good option. There are many platforms out there for e-commerce websites that you can check before jumping to this decision. You might want to do the right research before making the final decision. But if you have made up your mind then here is the guide. In this blog, we will teach you how you can create your own eCommerce website on WordPress without any experts. 

    Find a Domain Name

    First things first. You will have to find the right domain anime for your website. It is essential and is one of the basic and most initial steps of the process. You can check out options that are free if you are not ready to pay much for them. You can even get it free for some period of time with web hosting. It is necessary that your domain anime has the right keywords too. 

    Search For The Best Hosting Provider

    There are hundreds of web hosting providers these days, it is next to impossible to pick one. All of them have different features. You should check which one of these web hosting service providers has the best results for eCommerce business websites. Take one of the top options and do check the most essential features and freebies along with it. 

    WordPress Installation

    After you are done with web hosting and domain names you can now move onto the website. First of all, you have to install WordPress if you haven’t already. But if you have already done it, then, skip this step. And then go with the signing process in your account. 

    WooCommerce Installation

    Post the previous steps you will have to move forward with the other installation too. Once you’re done with all these you will then have to install woocommerce in your WordPress account. This is a plugin for e-commerce websites. This is specially curated for WordPress and will be very helpful. 

    Selecting The Theme

    While being technically correct you also want your e-commerce website to look great. There are a lot of themes that are free. You can choose any amongst them. But if you are not satisfied with the given option then you can always go for the premium options, you can pay for whichever theme you like. 

    Product Adding

    After all these things and steps come to the main task of adding products to the website. This is an essential task and needs to be done in time. This is an e-commerce website and needs products while creating the website itself. If you want to wait then you can add the products to your website later by going to the dashboard.

    Plugins and Softwares

    There are many plugins already installed for your e-commerce website but you will need more of them. Having additional plugins will also give you extra support. There are many options; mostly you will need the plugins for the security of your website and for the review section too. 

    To Conclude

    With all this information you can easily create your e-commerce website. It may not seem like a cakewalk for you but slowly you can figure it out easily. These instructions will help you in getting started with your website. You can simply follow these instructions and you will be ready with your website. While choosing the domain name and web hosting gives it a little more concern before making the final decision. Thorough research will always be helpful.


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