At some point in our life, most of us feel like having a website through which you can showcase your passion or your love for any particular thing. It takes a lot of effort to make it through until it is out and running. But even after putting a lot of your energy and brain into making a successful website, there comes a time when you might not want to do t anymore 

    It is not a simple decision to just give up on your website for which you have worked a lot. But if you have got some other plans, then you might be willing to not proceed with it any further. There could be many reasons for giving up on your website like you have got another project for which you need more time to focus, or you have just got fed up with working hard on the website and content creations do need some time off of it. Well, whatever the reason could be your reason, you should always think more before you finalize the decision that you are going to sell the website. 

    While you are thinking of selling, you need to know how much you can make from the website. If your website is generating income and has a domain that is old enough, then you make the process of selling the website possible. Simple factors like website expenses and the type of your website are considered when calculating it. 

    But you won’t have to do it all manually you can get a website value estimator tool that will make the process simpler and easier for you. There are many options out of which you can easily select one. But if you need help in finding out the best one, then here is a blog that will provide you with the best of options for selling your website and estimating its value:


    GoDaddy is a kind of domain industry. It will help you in calculating the right value for your domain anime. They will consider all the previous domains in history to have a better idea. They will use their asset of machine learning to find the leads and sales staff to get a better estimate of the website value. 


    The open estimator tool, which is fast as the wind and will also provide accuracy, is Flippa. It is a simple process that involves 6 steps and then it will provide you so of the estimated value in a few minutes. You only need to insert the details which are asked for and voila, it is done.

    With Of Web

    World Of Web is simpler and quicker than the previous one too. The tool wl only need your website URL and after inserting it on you can get the result. It will give you the right valuation after this. As it only requires you to put in the URL, you can also check the competitor’s website.


    SiteWorthTraffic is another great tool that will show you her results just because of the URL insertion. It doesn’t include the hassle of putting in a lot of information and data from your website to achieve the result. And on top of this all it is a free tool that will benefit many of you. 

    Final Verdict

    Selling a website is not the simplest task, it is hard enough just after creating one. All the efforts and content creation were accounted for by this website. Whenever you decide to sell the website, always think it through. But if the decision is final, you can select the best website value estimator for your website. This will help you in evaluating the right value for your website.


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