Digitalization has made so many things more accessible and easier. But it has so many things happening every day that some of the time it is difficult to even stay aware of the current trend or strategy. Google and other search engines have made a lot of progress in the world and are ready to reign more. One thing which has been accessible for some time now is the visual search. 

    There is no doubt that digitalization and the internet have come a long way by now. Visual search has actually made a lot of things easier and simpler for the users. Especially for the eCommerce stores because they have a lot of products that need images. But when your product can be searched through visual search, it will be more useful for the users and easier to find. If you are wondering how you can optimize your eCommerce website for visual search, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will be discussing a lot of ways in which you can do the optimizations safely. 

    Always use high-quality pictures

    Nothing can beat a page or website which has many images of products and relatable images as well. But if the images you have uploaded are not of high quality, then it is not going to be useful for you. Start uploading pictures with high quality. This will make a good impression on your users and customers. 

    Use sitemap

    One should never forget the importance of a sitemap. If you are thinking about optimization for visual search, then it is essential that you involve sitemap too into this. A sitemap is actually a map for your website which can locate the products and pages from your website to the visitors and help them in finding the images easily. 

    Size and image type matters

    Visual search optimization is incomplete without making the right changes in the editing style for the images that you are posting. Even if the images that you are uploading are of high quality but if it is not well-edited, then it will not be impactful. It is necessary to take into consideration the right kind of image type and the size which is required for better optimization of images. There are many image optimization plugins available you can also use to optimize your website images.

    Add texts to images

    Adding ALT text to images is not a new trend, but it is definitely most used these days. We all know the power of images. But when you add alt text to those images, then it becomes more visually and well as addictively useful for the users and the visitors. It also helps in better visual search optimization.

    Take tests to confirm

    After you have done all these steps, the finest way to judge if all the strategies and processes applied are wired is by running a test only on your website. You can google or search the image on any search engine, then you can check if it is showing your product’s image or not and this will prove the success of your process for optimization. 

    Wrapping Up

    Finally, when you have understood all the ways which can help you in the website’s optimization for the visual search, you can create a good visual representation and path for your users. All the ways are effective as well as simple for you or anyone to perform. You don’t have to be technically aware or knowledgeable to do these steps. Though there are multiple ways mentioned in this blog, you can start with a few and then go for other consistency is the key first. 


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