WordPress websites are really easy to host. It is considered one of the easiest ways of website hosting. But when you are a beginner and you need to install a new theme, then you need the right guidance for that. This blog is exactly what you need currently. In it, we have covered the easiest ways of installing a WordPress theme on your website. Let’s start

    Installing WordPress theme

    WordPress provides many free themes for its users. It is found in the repository of your WordPress website. You can use this theme for your website from the backend. To begin the process, you have to first reach the website. When you have reached it, log in to the website. Enter the website and search for the appearance tab on the website. 

    When you have found the theme from your WordPress website, tap on the details box and then go to the section of the preview. With the tab of preview, you will be able to have a look at the preview of the WordPress theme. Then you shall click on the install button for installing the theme. This will install the theme on your WordPress website. 

    As soon as you get the right theme you have been searching for, then you should click on it. Click on the install tab easily for installing the theme from the repository of the WordPress website. Once you have decided to go for installing the theme, you can also check the live preview of the WordPress website’s theme. The live preview will give you the right idea about the theme and the website and their looks altogether. 

    Check the look of the WordPress theme and decide if it is right for your preference or taste and then finalize. After finalizing the theme, you have to take the process further and then tap on the button for activation. Then the process will be finished with this step. Once all of this is done, the WordPress theme is installed and ready to be used. 

    Installing WordPress theme through FTP

    The first step to begin the process for WordPress theme installation is by entering the credentials of your FTP. This will be entered into the Filezilla. You can find this data in the account of your web hosting. If you are facing any difficulty, contact your hosting service. 

    When you have found the right credentials for your website, you should enter into Filezilla. You will need the information about the host, port, username, and password. Once these credentials are filled, you can tap on the quick-connect tab, which will sync the site server and the Filezilla. 

    After connecting, you might want to open the file for which you have to find the theme and then upload it on Filezilla which is on the right side of the host server. Whenever you are searching the installed files or themes on WordPress don’t forget to check on Them the files and folders. Steps are first to reach the appearance and then themes. 

    Final words

    Installing WordPress themes is not the most difficult task about hosting a WordPress website. Every website needs a theme from time to time. It is not possible for beginners to know all the steps. This is why we have written this entire blog with which you will be able to install the WordPress theme either free or paid easily. If you want to only install the free WordPress theme easily, then the former method was right. But in case you want to install the theme through FTP, then follow the latter method. 


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