WordPress is one of the most excellent platforms for bloggers or any kind of website. There is a lot of fuss about which WordPress hosting to pick as there are two options. WordPress.com and wordpress.org both are quite popular among their users. A lot of people who start out doing new things are fine with wordpress.com and just host their website on it. But later they realize that this is not the best option for them. 

    WordPress.com has a lot of disadvantages and, for professional users, it can act as an obstacle. A personal user or a user who has a website just for fun can be fine with it. But maybe later they also want to migrate their website to WordPress.org. We have been having a lot of our readers struggle with the query about how to migrate the wordpress..com to wordpress.org. This blog will help you and guide you through the process so you can smoothly migrate your wordpress.com to wordpress.org. 

    To know about the differences between the two platforms in detail, see our full comparison of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

    How to migrate wordpress.com to wordpress.org?

    The process of migrating your website from WordPress.com to WordPress.org is pretty simple. You do not need to be a technical expert in it. You can just start by following this guide one by one and in no time you will realize your website has already migrated to WordPress.org

    • The first step for migrating your website is to first export the data and media for our wordpres.com to WordPress.org. You need to enter the dashboard and there you will find the tools tab after which you have to go to the export section. Then you must export all the data from WordPress.com. 
    • After you have exported the data with the help of your email id, you must set up the WordPress website now. It is not difficult. Most web hosting have a single-click installation and then your site will be ready. 
    • Once you have installed WordPress on your website, it is necessary that you also import the content for your WordPress.com. This time you have to enter the admin section of your WordPress.org. Just go to the tools section there and you will find the import option. You have to tap on it and then you will be redirected from the installation view. After that, you will see the run importer.
    • Anyone who has been using the feature of the blog roll on the website has to follow these instructions. The downloaded links will have the HTML but you have to replace them with the OPML. 
    • Post all these steps you have to go to the management section and turn your WordPress website to private. Again you have to use the manage and setting for redirecting your old visitors and subscribers to your website. 

    Parting Thoughts

    It is not a new thing for any user to switch from wordpress.com to WordPress.org. WorPress.com has a lot of drawbacks that make every user switch to WordPress.org. WordPress.org has plenty of benefits and freedom for a WordPress user. You will no longer have ads on your website. It has options for monetizing your blog as well. This blog is a simple guide for all the users and newbies who want to migrate their websites from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. You don’t need to panic because things in your possession like data, subscribers, or information are not going anywhere and are safe with WordPress. both the sources are WordPress platforms which mean it is easy to migrate them. You just need to follow the guidance given in this blog and everything will be sorted. 


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