WordPress has many sites that it is hosting. It is no longer limited to just blogging professionals, but all kinds of websites are starting on WordPress now. One thing which is also increasing is the requirement of maintaining the WordPress website. Many of us start a website but do not stay consistent in maintaining that website. It is harder than starting it in the first place. But if you are wondering how you can maintain a website and do all the tasks on a regular basis, then yes should start with keeping your WordPress updated.

    It is essential that your WordPress website is up to date. There are many things that you have to take into consideration when you are updating your WordPress website. Some of the users might think it’s easy because they heard from a few experienced users, but the process is not all cakewalk. You have to be careful when you are performing the steps so you don’t mess up your website. It can cause incompatible themes and plugins and websites. Most people who own a website have been in this situation at least once. If you are also someone who is planning on updating the website then this is the perfect blog for you. In this blog, we will explain the steps that you have to take for completing the process.

    Steps to follow for updating your WordPress

    Before you start updating your WordPress website, it is necessary that you backup the website. This is considered an essential step for various reasons. First of all, it will keep your website backed up in case any of the things or steps go wrong during the process. Next, it is helpful to restore the current version of the website after the update. It will also help in keeping the database and other files on your website to stay unaffected after the update.

    You can find the best WordPress backup plugins in the post 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins.

    Updating automatically

    One of the easiest ways of updating WordPress is considered to be the automatic version. You don’t have to do much in this process. You can rely on WordPress itself for this kind of update. It will remind you of the update and you can follow the steps by clicking on the link which is mentioned in WordPress. You can also find the sign of update on the right of the admin or the signs are at different locations of your website as wells which will redirect you to the update link.

    Updating manually

    The ones who trust the process to be completed manually should try this step. In this version of the updating process, you will first need the FTP access server. Then you need to get all the files from WordPress which says Get WordPress. After doing these, you should deactivate the plugins of your website. After the deactivation, delete the folders of wp-includes and wp-admin. Then you should edit its folder of content and make the replacement of the required files. After performing these steps, you can refresh the WordPress and clock on the WordPress database. 

    Parting thoughts

    After you have read the entire blog, you might be clear with the idea of updating the WordPress website. You have now understood that it is a crucial process and you have to responsibly perform all the steps in the process. You can follow all the directions given in this blog and you will have a website that is updated and free from any glitch and mess-ups with the theme or website. While you are updating the website, also take the prior sites which are mentioned in the blog so you won’t go wrong in the process.


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