If you have a website, then it comes with a lot of responsibilities. With digitization, the pressure of performance has also increased. It is no longer possible to just go with posting content and people will start subscribing to your website. It is essential that you are giving them something available and engaging every now and then. One of the ways which proves to be very helpful in keeping the engagement going on with your subscriber or users is with emails and newsletters. 

    For sending email or newsletters, you will end up creating an email list. Email lists are considered far better than any kind of social media platform because of the consistency and relevance it has. If you’re struggling to find the best list building plugin for WordPress, then you have landed on the right page. Let’s start:

    Thrive Leads

    You might have heard about the thrive themes as well the Thrive Leads as well from the same creators who are behind this plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to create multiple types of forms for opt-in. If you do like pop-ups much, then go with the inline forms with this plugin. 

    Convert Pro

    Convert Pro is a pro penguin when it comes to creating an email list for your website. In this plugin as well, you will be able to create opt-in forms. They also help with content on your site and logged in WordPress users. They also have the feature of drag and drop, which will be helpful in creating templates. 


    ConvertBox is the perfect plugin for those who are really over the pop-ups thing. They can try this plugin for various other approaches. For starters, they have full-page filler and call out for other users. They even help in providing some promotional videos for your website. You can use the A/B testing for finalising which is best for your performance. 


    If you’re someone who doesn’t want hundreds of features and functionalities from your plugin but just the basic mailing list building, then Bloom is the right pick for you. They have easy customization options which you can apply by choosing many ready-made templates that they have for the mail list. 

    WP Subscribe Pro

    Another simple and basic penguin on this list is WP Subscribe Pro. For customization they also have many ready-made templates which make the task easier. They even let you change the colour and fonts as per the requirement of the content. They are simple and user-friendly and perfect for budget users. 

    Optin Forms

    Optin Forms are one of the top choices for many website users. They are used in various forms. It is primarily used by the pens that are skipping the pop-ups and are going with the choice of inline forms for creating the mailing list for the WordPress website. It is easily integrated with many services and has around 5 templates, making it simple to use. 


    Leadpages are one of those plugins in this list that does effective performance for list building but is enriched with various other features, too. They also have a drag-and-drop builder for their users as one of the essential features, making it a prime choice. They even make the visitors into subscribers by squeezing the landing pages. 

    Final thoughts

    Creating a mail list is one of the topmost priorities of bloggers or website owners. They can really benefit a lot if you continuously work on building an email list and these plugins will only help them in making the process easier. The above-mentioned options are amazing and using any of them will be helpful for your website. 


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