In the past week, there has been a wave of spyware that detects the victim’s phone and uses the data. This spyware has data of around 50000 people out of which some were reporters and social activists. Many are suspecting that the NSO Group is to blame for this. There are many whose phones are attacked through this spyware. Through this, the consortium will have access to all the data of that person who is fed on the phone. It has targeted human phones and there are reasons behind this. 

    There are many reports on this issue of privacy hindrance. From different areas and regions, various NSO customers have been found. In this controversy, the creator of Pegasus spyware which is NSO is having a hard time. But NSO declined any of the claims of having information behind it. They do not have an idea of their customer’s points of view. But one thing is clear that many devices have been victimized for the private data and claims have been made. 

    Researchers say that the NSO consortium has the potential to transfer this spyware to phones through messages. In the message, they will send the link which will contain the spyware. So if someone taps on the link or opens the link they make their devices vulnerable to the infection. The spyware will have all the information which is available on the device. It is targeting only human phones to gain the required information. With this access, the information can be used against the person or some organization. 

    Though this spyware has targeted both android and iPhone users, it tends to make the iOS software more infected comparatively. This is because of the weaknesses of the iOS software. During this spying process, it is difficult to know if your device’s information is being leaked to use. The users stay unaware which is a prohibition of the privacy policy. 

    Amidst all these controversies and issues regarding the spyware and NSO being behind it, Amnesty international’s research team seem to have found something curing. They have discovered a tool or application that can detect if your phone is infected with this Pegasus spyware or not.

    In the report presented by TechCrunch, they say that the Amnesty international researchers who worked on it have found a solution, a tool kit for this controversial leak of private information. They call it the Mobile Verification Toolkit. 

    Mobile Verification Toolkit

    The Mobile Verification Toolkit is a creation by Amnesty international to deal with the Pegasus spyware. They have worked it on the android and iOS devices to check the success ratio of this toolkit. This toolkit works in the direction of finding if the phone is infected with the Pegasus spyware. They are looking for signs or some indication that can provide the information if this device was tampered with or not. 

    Both types of phones have faced issues for this but iPhone users seem to suffer the most. The infection signs are more visible and found in the iPhone. This tool also checks that during the process of access if the spyware has done something else to infect the device or the phone. 

    How does it function?

    For iPhone users, the Mobile Verification Toolkit checks the backup file of the phone and looks for signs of spyware. They check for any domains or some signs related to Pegasus spyware. And for the android devices the toolkit checks if there is any link sent through the message and also the safety of other tools and applications on the device. It is simple to access the tool but


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