Bloggers are always looking for new sources or means that could help them earn more money. Though there are many ways due to the current situation, it can be difficult to find many affiliate programs which pay a high commission. The rates of commission for affiliate programs are declining now and then. Anyone who has been into blogging or owns a website knows about the Amazon affiliate programs. It is an affiliate marketing program. The same is Geniuslink. This tool will help you all in earning extra. In this blog, we will tell you all about Geniuslink. 

    How To Use Geniuslink To Earn Money?

    This blog is to help you earn more money through Geniuslink. To start with the process, you will first have to sign up for this program. It is a basic step like any other usual sign-up. Then you have to insert the account information of your affiliate program. Select the right product which you will promote from Amazon. After this, you can post the link to the genius link. With this process, you can start earning money. 

    To Check On Link Health

    Geniuslink also has reports which give you the description about the link health. With this, you can get the information about your Amazon products that you have links for. This will report to you whenever the products are not in stock. This might not get you the product instantly, but you can at least make the necessary changes in the URL or the blog posts about it. 

    Your Options Are Not Limited To Just Amazon

    You might have heard most bloggers or website owners talking about amazon affiliate programs. It surely is an amazing source of income, but not the only way. With Geniuslink, you can open many options for your sleeve, like apple music, Walmart, or Microsoft store too. It is an amazing affiliate program and the steps are very much similar to Amazon affiliate, which does not bring many difficulties for the issuers. 

    You Get Choice Pages

    There might have been times when you wanted to buy a product but wanted to check out other options or platforms for it. Yes, it happened to everyone. This helps you in selecting better. The same is the case with all your customers, too. With Geniuslink, you will be able to put the URL link of your product on various platforms. This will widen your reach and increase your chances of getting the conversion. It has been helpful in getting more profit and rates from other platforms too at the same time. 

    Can Get Various Link Destination Option

    With the genius link, you will no longer have to worry about the link destination. You can get one simple link that you can give to your audiences to reach you. You can even create different sources for the link destination and won’t have to limit your options to just the Amazon store.

    Final Words

    By far you would have understood all about the Geniuslink. It is a great affiliate program. Right now, it can be seen that the commissions of affiliate programs are declining. Even the options are getting more and more limited day by day. At this time, Geniuslink is a great option. It will help you in making some additional money. This doesn’t even require extra effort to make time to spare. It cannot be said to be the ultimate or the best of the options because it has its own drawbacks, but surely it will not harm you. In the future, they will even try to emerge with some more options for monetization.


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