There are many newbies who are confused about the process of adding the snippets to the Header and footer of their site. This is usually when you want to add any code to the site for integrating it with other services. There are many services that are necessary but also Google Search Console and Google Analytics. In the process, you might also be required to add to your JavaScript code.

    Adding custom code for your website’s header and footer can be a daunting task if you don’t have any idea about the steps. But in this blog, we have mentioned the exact steps which will direct you to the process. Some users think they can add it by default, but that is not an option. You will have to install the plugin for the process. But this guide has the best beginner-friendly way which won’t cause you any trouble and you would be able to complete the process easily.

    There are various ways to do the process manually, which is difficult for beginners for sure. Then the process is done with WordPress themes. They use the default header and footer code. Then you can do it using a plugin. It is the easiest and safest option, which is recommended by professionals for beginners. It is simple, quick, and complications-free. Let’s start

    For adding the header and footer to your WordPress website, you will have to start by installing it. After that, you will need to activate it to take the process further. For this, you have to go to the Insert Headers and Footers. When you are done activating the plugin, it is time to reach the settings section of your website and then go to the Insert Headers and Footers. These are visible on the admin panel. Post this step, you will find 2 boxes. With this, you have to add code for the header and footer.

    Then you have to paste the code that you have on one of the boxes. Then tap on the save changes button for saving the changes. After this, the plugin loads the code. This is done automatically on the precise location of the website. When it is done, you can even make changes in the code or even remove it later so you don’t have to worry about that. Then the plugin has to stay installed and activated no matter what. 

    When you deactivate it, it will remove or won’t add the custom code on your WordPress website anymore. Make sure to keep it that way. But there are times when unknowingly or by accident the plugin is deactivated. In that case, your custom code is intact in the WordPress database. It is stored there but you have to install the plugin again and then activate it. After doing this check the code and you will see that it reappears on the website again. Keep one thing in mind when you are making any edits on the WordPress cache make sure you are also saving those changes. This will make the code visible towards the front end. 

    Final Words

    This blog was intended to make the process of adding Header and Footer to your WordPress website easy. We have used the Insert Header and Footer for this process. But you can also use the free Monster plugin which can also do the work in a few steps. Make sure whichever you are using you are saving the changes and clearing the caches while in the process. It will be helpful for completing the steps in the correct manner. 


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