For starting a website, a webmaster has to think about so many things that will be necessary for creating it. One of the factors or requirements which stand on the top is web hosting. You can never start a website if you don’t have any web hosting.web hosting is basically a platform that hosts your website. You can find hundreds of options for web hosting services. But it is sometimes difficult to find one among the pool of options. 

    Along with various options, you can find 6 main types of web hosting services that are used by any kind of web owner. All these types of web hosting services are important to know before you start your research to find the best company for their service. Every web hosting service is good for a particular type of website and you should only pick the one which can help you in hosting a high performing website. Let’s start:

    Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is the number one hosting which comes to anyone’s mind who wants to start with a website but does not want to invest any high amount. It is the standard one and provides very reasonable plans for its users. In shared hosting, many websites shared the same server, which is why it has low cost as well as low performance some of the time.


    If you don’t want to get stuck with shared hosting but still want something which will have higher speed and space, then VPS hosting is the right hosting for you. It can be said something which stands in the middle of the dedicated and shared. It does have websites sharing the server, but it doesn’t host too many sites which do not affect the performance of your website.

    Dedicated Hosting

    If a webmaster wants web hosting that will help them in having all access to themselves for the website, then dedicated hosting should be your choice. In this hosting type, you will not have to share the server with any other websites and only your website’s data and information will be stored in it. It is very expensive but gives a very high premium experience and features. 

    Managed Hosting

    In managed hosting, you will find that many of the features and planning are done by the companies. These features and facilities include the basic ones like technical support, monitoring, keeping track of the movements and updating your server about changes. You will also get all the configuration and replacement done by the server company.  

    Cloud Hosting

    At this time, you should definitely be aware of cloud hosting. It is a kind of hosting which is cloud-based. You can understand that in this web hosting you will find many systems and applications which will be working at the same time with each other. You can easily find many resources in this hosting to work with your system very easily. 


    Colocation is a web hosting service that is used by those who want to use some private server and then later co-locate it at your data centre. You can also start by having an in-house data centre which has many users’ choices. You will get power, storage and systems from this data centre only. It is sometimes beneficial, but other times you will be responsible for the entire thing

    Final words

    You can definitely see that all the web shotgun services are very different in features, yet so similar in many qualities. Some of the basic features are the same in all these options, but in the long run, you will benefit by using a particular kind of web hosting service. It can be seen from the features that are mentioned in the web hosting description from which you can decide which web shotgun service you will want to choose. 


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