WordPress websites are simple and easy, but they have so many matters that can make them complicated at certain stages. You require a lot of factors to be checked before you even start the website. After starting the website, you also have to look for the steps and essentials for the website which are necessary for keeping it up and running in the web world. One of those factors which is necessary for your WordPress website is an SSL certificate.

    Anyone who has been into the web world even for the slightest time or even researched about the essentials for a website would know that an SSL certificate is very important for access to their WordPress website. It even helps in the performance of your website and the ranking of the search engine results. There is no debate on whether you need an SSL certificate or not. But his blog is about how you can get yourself access to the free SSL certificate so you don’t have to spend a lot of money from your pocket. Let’s start:

    Why do you need an SSL certificate?

    There are so many reasons with which you and your WordPress website can benefit by having an SSL certificate. You should not even be doubting this decision to get your website an SSL certificate. SSL certificate is considered the most significant thing for starting a website. But if you are still wondering if you should get it or not, then let me state the fact that yes, there are some websites that do not have SSL certificates installed on their website. But it is highly recommended by the professionals themselves that you have it installed for better security and protection for your website and its data. 

    The website should have an SSL certificate installed on their WordPress website. It is especially the advice to those websites which have any sort of process where they need to process any information or data about the users or visitor then it becomes very essential for them. Even if your website requires any kind of login or sign-up process, you might have an SSL certificate installed. It is also observed that the website which has an SSL certificate has a better chance of getting ranked higher. It actually affects your ranking and results in the search engine. 

    How to get an SSL certificate for free?

    SSL certificates are not cheap to buy. They have high costs which have forced many websites to either empty their pockets or exceed the budget they have for the website. Or they can go on with the unprotected and unfinished website which does not have an SSL certificate. But it isn’t much known that many web hosting plans have free SSL certificates which are a boon for all budget users or newbies. Web hosting companies like HostGator, Bluehost, WP Engine, Hostinger, Liquid web, DreamHost, and many more options which are reputed as well as have free SSL certificates.

    Final Verdict

    Nothing can ever beat the freebies. No matter how much cost you are paying for any service, a free or an add-on will always bring a feeling of joy to your heart. Through this blog, you learn how you can find a free SSL certificate for your website. SSL certificates are really an essential part of a website. It will keep it secure. The performance will also be affected if you don’t have an SSL certificate. Some of the times rankings of a website can be decided based on SSL certificates. You can choose a good web hosting that provides you with a free SSL certificate and also stands right on your requirement for the WordPress website. Even the steps for installing an SSL certificate on a WordPress website is simple and easy. 


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